Update on Benchmark

Counsel:  As you know, we are working through issues related to our software transition.  All courts are using the system but efile has not been activated.  We are trying to make sure that after the switch lawyers will have access to the cases that were already pending at the time of transition through the new system.  We also want to make sure the notifications are working correctly before we make the final change. We appreciate your continued patience. Unfortunately,  I do not have a  date for the start of efile.

General Info

In the meantime, lawyers may view cases in benchmark though the public access portal at https://court.houstoncountyga.org/BenchmarkWeb/Home.aspx/Search DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REGISTER  OR LOGIN AT THIS TIME!  Simply use the search by name or case number option.  Please note if searching by case number you must use the whole number and add a 0 for civil and 00 for criminal after the letter for example:  2023V0123XXX or 2023C0054XXX.   If searching by name, know you will get all cases – open, closed, magistrate, state, superior etc.  You can sort by clicking the top of the columns to find a specific case more easily.  These searches will allow you to see documents filed after 7/10/23 regardless of whether they were efiled thru PeachCourt or filed directly by the Clerk ( ex. Return of Service or criminal documents) or thru the criminal proposed order portal.  At this time, you cannot see previously filed documents in cases that existed before 7/10/23 – you must view in PeachCourt for Civil and Domestic and review the paper file for Criminal.


Beginning October 2, 2023, we will implement a process change to improve the way we are able Efile in Superior Court criminal cases.  Once a warrant (or warrants) is served, rather than sending to the DA it will go directly to the clerk for a case number to be assigned. For example, 2023C0054XXX – This number will be assigned at the beginning, generally before it goes to the DA and prior to a bond hearing and or case assignment.  This will create a case in the clerk’ office much earlier, that will eventually allow efiling of all documents even prior to indictment or accusation, without use of the unindicted number system.  It is important to know, this case number will no longer mean the case has been indicted or accused.

Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.

Katherine K. Lumsden, Judge
Houston Superior Court
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Perry, GA 31069
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