What Georgia Law Majors Need to Know

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The demand for lawyers is increasing! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the predicted job growth for lawyers across all fields will grow by 6% through 2024. Plus, advocating on clients’ behalves makes this one of the most rewarding and lucrative careers.

I am an outreach coordinator for The Center for Online Education, and it’s my desire to see more students in Georgia choose law as their profession. I know that as a representative for Houston County Bar Association, you have an equal passion to see students thrive in this field.

That’s why my team created this detailed law degree guide. Please be an advocate for Georgia students and share this information by adding a link to your website. After analyzing your site, I believe this would be a great place to add a link: http://www.Andrewb554.sg-host.com/resources/.

Here is a brief overview of the topics we cover in this guide:

  • Projected job growth rates, salary metrics, and a brief description of the most common law careers available.
  • An in-depth master’s and doctorate degree analysis, including: sample courses, common majors, employment prospects, average income, and potential jobs unique to both degrees.
  • An overview of the LSAT and Bar exams and how to take them.
  • Expert advice from Shaolaine Loving – a successful, working lawyer who owns her own practice in Las Vegas.

If you agree that this resource is helpful, please link to our guide. Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a good day!


Andrew Sims | Outreach Coordinator

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